PAGONI SA offers technical consulting services for the planning, study and implementation of optimal economic and construction solutions, both in private and public organizations.

In particular, the company undertakes:

  • Tendering procedures
  • Feasibility studies and financial evaluations of investment plans
  • Supervision and monitoring of construction of public and private projects

Project Supervision

We undertake the supervision of construction projects to ensure that the project is built on time, with high quality & within budget. From beginning to completion, and depending on the project a team of engineers will be appointed to supervise the works the contractor carries out. The team undertakes the following tasks:

  • Control of Project Duration
  • Certification of works and preparation of Accounts for payment by the client
  • Budget Control
  • Quality Management Tasks: Specifications of the materials installed and the tests carried out
  • Human Resources and compliance with the Law
  • Research and suggestions of the optimal solutions upon construction
  • Health and Safety compliance measures
  • Check that all activities are environmentally friendly