Design – Construction

PAGONI S.A., with many years of experience and the appropriate scientific and technical staff, undertakes major projects in the private sector such as industrial spaces, commercial and residential buildings, health centers, educational institutions, tourist complexes and sports and cultural facilities throughout Greece.


Financial Investment Valuation

We offer comprehensive support in real estate and infrastructure investments from risk assessment and evaluation, to construction and maintenance services.
In particular, we support Project Management activities that include:
  • Design & Plan for the development of real estate
  • Provide alternative scenarios
  • Investment Assessment
  • Real estate market risk analysis
  • Construction & Maintenance Contracts


The design department of PAGONI S.A. partners with the most recognized architects and engineers in the field. In consultation with the customer, a complete and detailed financial study of the project is presented that will be implemented while alternative cost scenarios are given. At the same time, the schedule of individual tasks is planned. The correct budget and adherence to the timetable contribute to reducing the total cost of the project without affecting the quality of construction.


Architectural Services: Design with aesthetic excellence is delivered using innovative solutions tailor made to the needs of customers and applicable laws in order to meet the highest standards.

Civil & Structural Engineering Services: Structural analysis is being carried out on new and existing buildings for each type of construction and all regulations in force.

Mechanical Engineering: Estimate & Design all technical specifications. We supervise all mechanical installations in each building category, domestic, commercial or industrial.

Building permit: We undertake the entire process of issuing a building permit with all the works and specifications required by the planning authorities.

Airbnb Residential Management

Design-Build-Operate-Finance (DBOF) funding:

We undertake the renovation (design & construction) of homes intended for rent on platforms such as Airbnb. We can invest in your project if we believe your apartment/house or villa has the potential.

Project Management

Our major experience in the construction industry ensures a successful project completion, that is to say, high-quality delivered on time and on budget. Efficient organization of construction sites and usage of innovative tools guarantees consistency in time and construction costs. Integrated project management services allow us to manage resources, budget and time in such a way that it achieves the completion of quality projects in the most correct and responsible way.

Project Supervision

We undertake the supervision of construction projects to ensure that the project is built on time, with high quality & within budget. From beginning to completion, and depending on the project a team of engineers will be appointed to supervise the works the contractor carries out. The team undertakes the following tasks:

  • Control of Project Duration
  • Certification of works and preparation of Accounts for payment by the client
  • Budget Control
  • Quality Management Tasks: Specifications of the materials installed and the tests carried out
  • Human Resources and compliance with the Law
  • Research and suggestions of the optimal solutions upon construction
  • Health and Safety compliance measures
  • Check that all activities are environmentally friendly

Renovations of Buildings

Our experienced team of engineers in conjunction with a wide network of specialized partners will assess the current state of the structures that need restoration. Restorations often reveal unforeseen works so from the very start we let you know of each risk, its probability and cost. Depending on the type of the project, we will also research for multiple solutions and access suggestions made by scientific experts in the field.