The company PAGONI CONSTRUCTION SOCIETE ANONYME (distinctive title PAGONI S.A.) is an innovative enterprise acting as the General Contractor of a wide range of Public and Private Works in the field of Road and Building Construction, Industrial – Energy, Electromechanical, Hydraulics, Port Construction and Landscape Works in Greece. Since 1972 PAGONI S.A. successfully delivers to the public complex large-scale construction projects thanks to the company’s experience, know-how, specialized staff expertise, appropriate organizational structure and certified quality procedures.


Today the firm holds a General Contractor Degree registered to the 4th Grade from the competent Ministry of Public Works. This Degree mirrors the production capacity of construction companies on Greece. The 4th Grade allows our company to join tenders of Public Works in Greece worth 33 million euros, 11 million euros for each subcategory of works that compose the financial object of a project, such as construction works, electromechanical works, and plumbing.


PAGONI SA has developed a dynamic strategy that focuses on public and private projects of high standards. Its main objective is to continue its successful course, to expand into public-private partnerships and to develop consulting services in the field of sustainable solutions to problems in the construction sector. At the same time, the company continues to support and finance construction, taking advantage of opportunities and perfecting its practices in an ever-evolving environment.


Corporate Quality
Assurance System: Since 2000

High-Quality Services, Construction Health and Safety and Operational Innovation, are absolute values of our company.

We take seriously our responsibility for the environment, society and people. Since 2000, we maintain a evolving Quality Management System that is constantly informed to incorporate all new versions of the current International Quality Standards, the Environment, Health and Safety at work, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018.

Committed to continuously implement and improve all of our processes aiming at high-quality and sustainable development that safeguard the interests of all parties involved.

All of the above are ensured through:

  • the implementation of innovative and sustainable practices in construction
  • continuous training of all staff involved
  • strict examination of subcontractors
  • efficient problem solving with the client and the design team
  • strict quality control in all phases of each project
  • continuous feedback with our client, suppliers and partners
  • optimal allocation of tasks and responsibilities



The corporate culture of PAGONI S.A. is based on commonly accepted values that form the core of its activities and the basis of its interaction with its customers and partners. As a company distinguished for its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer requirements, we believe in innovation, systems thinking, and good professional behavior. To this end, we encourage our people to improve their knowledge and capabilities to create values, always acting with transparency and integrity.


At the same time, we step on continuous improvement schedules reaching high targets and seek sustainable solutions for all. In this context, we build long-term relationships of trust with our customers by putting them at the heart of our activities.